About Us



The story of our brand began in a small studio, but rapidly it grew out, and during it’s 25 years of presence, it became the leading female clothing company in Hungary. After conquering the neighboring countries successfully, we aimed to do the same in Western-Europe.

In Hungary, we have more than 50 flagship stores, and 120 retail partners. There are more than 60 retail stores in neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania) and also in Scandinavia, Ireland, Netherland, Germany, Russia and Hong Kong, which operate in franchise system.


We are dressing stylish women for every occasions, from head to toe. We belive, our products should be comfortable, and enhance their wearer’s beauty.  Our most important line is for neat, sassy, discreetly elegant woman, who can dress from this collection for both their work and leisure activities.



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