Payment options

a, Online credit card payment.

 b, PayPal online payment. PayPal is a global payment platform that can be used after pre-registration. Mayo Chix Ltd. accepts payments in HUF and / or Euro through this system.

 c, Bank transfer. In this case, the Buyer has the opportunity to pay for the ordered goods by bank transfer to the following account number: 11714006-21103311-00000000

After clicking the pay button, we'll send you the bank details required for the transfer. Please initiate the transfer within 48 hours and the order will be automatically canceled if the deadline is exceeded.
The buyer will be notified by e-mail about the payment and the order will be prepared, packaged and mailed.
You can pay with the following card types in our store:
  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • Visa (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed)
  • Electron (not embossed)
  • Maestro Az OTP Bank Maestro cards issued by any bank are accepted on the Internet



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